Sensei Brian Thomas

Sensei Brian Thomas - Cambridge Karate ClubsBorn October 8, 1963 in a small french speaking community on the east coast of Canada, St. Isidore, New Brunswick. He moved to Ontario in 1968. After living in Windsor, Sudbury and Toronto he settled in Port Elgin and in 1974 at the age 11, he started his passion for martial arts in judo. Then moving to Hamilton in October, 1976 at the age of 13 he began his venture in karate. He continued to train in judo for a total of 12 years to achieve his brown belt. In October, 1983 he had successfully achieved his Japanese Goju Ryu 1st degree black belt, Shodan, and in October, 1987, his 2nd degree, Nidan. In June, 1991 his 3rd degree, Sandan, and in February, 1996 his 4th degree black belt, Yodan.

Moving to Cambridge in 1989 he opened his dojo at 54 Ainslie St. S. on July 2 under the franchise name of ‘Don Warrener’s Martial Arts Academy’. Five successful years later, in 1994, Sensei Thomas opened under his own name as ‘Cambridge Martial Arts Academy’.

In the summer of 1999 he started his training in the more traditional style of karate, Meibukan Goju Ryu. He was promoted to 3rd degree black belt, Sandan, in May 2002 by Sensei Meitatsu Yagi, in the Okinawan style of Goju Ryu in addition to holding his 4th degree level of black belt in the standard style of Goju Ryu.

In the spring of 2002 he bought the old ‘Moose Lodge’ at the corner of Ainslie and Thorne Streets. After extensive renovations he opened the new ‘Cambridge Martial Arts Academy’ on September 30th, 2002.

In April, 2003 Sensei Meitatsu Yagi and his son, Akihiro, filmed their international Meibukan kata videos with a film crew from New York City at Sensei Thomas’ dojo commenting on how it’s the nicest dojo they’ve visited in Canada.

In May, 2004 Sensei graded and achieved his 4th degree black belt when Sensei Yagi was visiting in Canada.

In March, 2007 Sensei Thomas travelled to Okinawa, Japan with some of his students to train under their master, Sensei Meitatsu Yagi. Sensei Thomas graded while there and was successfully promoted to 5th degree black belt.

Sensei Thomas has since achieved his certification as a cardio kickboxing instructor through NAPMA and fitness instructor though Cam Fit Pro.

His connections and expertise has also led him into the movie industry as an actor. He has appeared in, ‘Expect No Mercy’,’ It Takes Two’, ‘Guilty as Sin’ and ‘G2-Mortal Conquest’ and also appearing on the front cover of Professor Wally Jay’s Jujitsu book. He has done demonstrations at Ivor Win Stadium and Sky Dome during half time. Sensei has also trained with personalities such as Sensei Richard Kim, Sensei Peter Urbin, Dan ‘the Beast’ Severn, Joe Lewis, Hoyce Gracie and Super Foot Wallace.

In his younger days before his family life consisting of a wife, Kim, 2 sons, Shayne and Nathan, and 2 daughters, Stephanie and Sarah, he traveled extensively competing in numerous martial arts tournaments. He has competed in Canada, U.S.A., England and Argentina.

Sensei Thomas continues to train in the Meibukan style to achieve further ranking levels under Sensei Meitatsu Yagi.